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Who: John Runke
What: Green Heating Presentation
Where: Room 107C, Fairfield University Library at Fairfield University
When: Tuesday, September 1st 2009, 7:00PM
Why: People are wasting money on heating.
Cost: Free and open to the public.

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Green Heating Presentation


John Ruhnke will give a presentation on green heating.  In the presentation, John talks about the different ways to save money in fuel on your heating systems.  This also will greatly reduce our carbon footprint on the world. The topics covered in the presentation include:  solar thermal, geothermal, co-generation, hydronics, radiant, and energy efficiency of installed heating systems.  Designing and installing a system is a step in the right direction for our environment. John takes things a step further and examines the energy efficiency of the different design aspects of the systems. A well designed system is very comfortable too. By following certain rules, you can save real money in fuel.  John has developed a formula for measuring the overall efficiency of the heating system and has a patent on the use of the formula in software.  He explains the meaning of his formula, the use of it, and breaks down the different parts of energy efficiency in a heating system.  While some methods may be rather complicated to design or install, other ideas are super simple.  Learn how turning one screw can save you 2-15% in fuel on your entire heating/domestic hot water system.

About John Ruhnke:

John Ruhnke is the President of JR's Comfortable Heat LLC.  The company has been in business since 1990. The company started out as a plumbing and heating contracting firm.  After a few years, they began a specialty in the field of Hydronics. Hydronics is hot water and steam heating.  They specialize in design build projects.  Over the years, John has developed expertise in many green heating areas (radiant heating, energy efficiency, solar thermal, co-generation, and geothermal heating systems).  John is certified by the Radiant Panel Association in both design and installation.  He designed three radiant heating projects that took first place in the RPA’s National System Showcase Awards.  One of the projects won Best in Show with the highest points total in the history of the 12 year competition.

In 2006, a national distributed trade journal called PHC News named John Contractor of the Year.  John believes highly in continuing education classes.  He has traveled all over the continent to take the best classes offered.  He takes many different classes every year.  John is also licensed by the State of Connecticut in Plumbing, Heating, and Solar Thermal.  He is an approved Earthlinked Geothermal dealer.  John is also an inventor in the field of heating and holds 3 patents.

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This presentation made possible by support from IACT, The Inventors Association of Connecticut,
The Dolan School of Business and the School of Engineering at Fairfield University.
Copyright 2009 The Inventors Association of Connecticut

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