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Who:   Joel Warren, Executive Director of the Network
           for Teaching Entrepreneurship
What:  Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Where: Fairfield University Library Room 107C
When:  7pm Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introduction to Entrepreneurship


The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship http://www.nfte.com(NFTE) engages disenchanted low-income students with the academic system by teaching them how to start a business in an area in which they are already interested. In traditional book-oriented curricula these students are at high risk of dropping out. This presentation will demonstrate alternative teaching methods which motivate entrepreneurship. The roles of volunteers in working with students will be discussed.


Joel Warren has been the Executive Director of the NFTE program in Fairchester (Fairfield and Westchester) since its inception a dozen years ago. Joel has worked with a variety of social service and arts organizations, having been a professional theater manager for two decades. He has also served as a university chaplain for another decade -- at Yale and Penn, and was on the staff of Riverside Church for 5 years. He is married to a psychotherapist, Diane Barth, and has a son who will be graduating from Yale at this time next year.

Click here for the Youth Entrepreneurship video clip from CBS.

Click here for powerpoint of Joel Warren presentation.

Click here for video of the Joel Warren presentation.

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