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Who: Scott Keeley, Obvia President
What: Made in the USA: the state of American inventions
Where: Fairfield University Library Room 107C
When: 7pm Tuesday, April, 27, 2010

Made in the USA: the state of American inventions

This talk will address:

  • What types of U.S.-invented products show promise in the global economy.
  • Which products are successfully manufactured and marketed in the U.S. and not overseas.
  • Which inventions are making it in the post-crash market.
  • What can American inventors do to maintain their intellectual margin.

We look at recent market trends and give advice on how inventors can benefit by adjusting to the "post-recession" paradigm.

We examine promising industries that resist outsourcing, including the medical device industry.

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About Scott Keeley:
Scott runs Obvia, a Rhode Island business that helps inventors get their products to market.

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