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The School of Engineering at Fairfield University and IACT Present

Who:  Mark Nowotarski, President: Markets, Patents & Alliances LLC
What: Crowdfunding Your Invention - One Year Later, the update
Where: Fairfield University Dolan School of Business DINING ROOM (104A)
When:  Thursday, July 31, 2012, 7:00 PM, Admission is free.

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Crowdfunding Your Invention


Mark Nowotarski will describe how Crowdfunding is a new, exciting way to fund inventions. Inventors post invention videos on the Internet with different funding levels and awards. Backers commit to different funding levels in exchange for the associated awards, such as one or more versions of the invention. If a certain minimum funding level is reached, the funds are transferred to the inventor and the inventor produces the product for the backers. Promotion of these projects is primarily through social networks, such as facebook and twitter, and influential weblogs, such as Gizmodo, and Wired. If a project goes viral, funding can skyrocket!

Mark, president of Markets, Patents & Alliances and registered US patent agent, will present three case studies of successful crowdfunding projects for patent pending inventions. These projects were hosted on www.kickstarter.com.

Attendees will learn what crowdfunding is, what projects qualify, and what it takes to succeed in this revolutionary new world of socially funded inventions.

About the speaker:

Mark Nowotarski is the President of Markets, Patents & Alliances L.L.C. and is a registered U.S. patent agent. He has served clients in the medical devices, personal safety, consumer products, homeland security, and financial services industries. Mark is a former Associate Director of R&D for Praxair. There he was responsible for the development and successful worldwide introduction of new products into the environmental, electronics, metals and food industries. His initiatives generated over $300 million in sales.

He is also an inventor on 17 US patents and was appointed Corporate Research Fellow for the commercial impact of his inventions.

Mark has a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a Bachelor's degree with honors in Aerospace, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Physics from Princeton. His academic awards include the Sigma Xi award for most outstanding Mechanical Engineering research at Princeton and the Union Carbide Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership in Mechanical Engineering, also at Princeton.

Mark has been quoted as a patent expert in The New York Times, Stamford Advocate, and Bloomberg Wealth Manager. He was also recently interviewed on NEWS 12 regarding the dramatic growth of patents in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Video removed at request of presenter.

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