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Who: Mark Noonan
What: Invention and Entrepreneurship
Where: Fairfield University Library Room 107C
When: Thursday, May 26, 2011; 7:00 PM.

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Presentation Brief

Mark Noonan, a successful entrepreneur and resident of New Canaan, will offer insights to the topic of licensing versus building a brand and business. His presentation will use his actual case histories to illustrate the challenges of building a business from concept inception to the global marketplace, ensuring to note various landmines facing those intent on starting a company or even licensing IP. His first major success was the “Wovel”, a wheeled snow shovel now sold globally under its new brand "Snowwolf". His most recent new product is the unique "Leaf Loader" which gained market entry only 18 months from inception. Mark will include 'tips' for those committed to product development and marketing.


Mr. Noonan is president and founder of Structured Solutions LLC which conceives, designs and launches a variety of consumer home and hardware products (the Company will soon be renamed/rebranded - Nootools). He has built a product concept portfolio of over 50 products, with 5 in the market at various stages, from test-market to selling the Company's new Leaf Loader through Walmart. Mr. Noonan currently has, through the Company and other companies he controls, over a dozen patents awarded or in progress in product areas ranging from hardware, home, pet products, electronics, infant products and defense-related technologies.

Mr. Noonan (51) holds a BA degree in Economics (with significant studies in physics and mathematics) from Duke University and an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. He has spent the prior 6 years developing and launching new (mostly consumer) products, and nearly 20 years in corporate finance and investment banking, designing products and marketing to "Fortune 100" companies both in the U.S. and abroad. Over five years of that tenure was in corporate treasury management, corporate money-desk funding, developing sale/leaseback programs, interest-rate risk-management/hedging (with futures transactions and other interest rate hedging tools) and a wide range of other corporate transaction and project work.

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