Nimbus Cloud Computer
7pm on Thursday, July 23rd. Fairfield University Library, Room 107C.
This is a free public meeting.

ScreenPC was founded to develop and market the Nimbus Cloud Computer.
Nimbus is an ultra-thin client which virtualizes the screen, mouse, and keyboard – the actual processing runs in our datacenter.  In concept, there is no essential difference from the old timesharing approach or the more recent thin clients used in corporate settings (e.g. Citrix, X-Window clients, or the Microsoft Terminal Server).
The business concepts can be summarized as:
•    Current PCs are (relatively) expensive, and even more important too cumbersome (or impossible) for many consumers to administer.
•    A large number of consumers would be receptive to a low-cost, low-administration product which provides basic functionality (E-mail, Web browsing, etc)
•    Nimbus addresses this market with a very low-cost, zero administration cloud computer.
ScreenPC raised venture money to develop the product, and then ran into several difficulties bringing the product to market.
This talk will cover the concepts of the Nimbus Cloud Computer, the development cycle which produced the current product, the expected marketing channels, and the current state of the product and the company.

Dr. Crowley will demonstrate the Cloud Computer.

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Dr. John Crowley earned Ph.D. and M.S degrees in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania (1972 and 1968).  He earned a B.S. with dual-major of Physics and Mathematics from Boston College (1967).

Dr. Crowley is a founder and the Chief Technology Officer of ScreenPC, a firm developing a "virtual PC" product for the emerging cloud computing concept (in both the consumer and commercial markets). He has over 30 years of experience building large-scale, high volume applications in a variety of industries and prior to ScreenPC served as the CIO to architect, design, implement, and deploy a complete OSS suite for a full service telephone company (Broadview Networks). Other assignments have included large-scale systems for JPMorgan Chase (data warehouse),  Verizon (Web portals), AC Nielsen (TV ratings), Nielsen ClearingHouse (process 4B coupons per year), Pitney Bowes (business applications), and Stepstone (developers of the Objective C language now running the iPhone)